SUPREME SOLUTION Deeply Moisturising

The Supreme Solution lntensive Moisturising Cream by Giséle Denis fights the signs of skin ageing by providing intensive hydration, essential for mature skin.

This is a facial moisturising cream characterised by its ability to maintain optimal skin hydration and to restare water lost by the passage of time and externa! factors. lts formula is enriched with glycerol, lmperata cylindrica and hyaluronic acid, active
ingredients with moisturising properties and the ability to retain water and lipids levels on the skin.

Thanks to its jojoba content, the lntensive Moisturising Cream by Gisele Denis provides ceramides that strengthen the skin’s protective layer, a cutaneous structure that tends to weaken with age, losing its protective capacity.

Directions for Use: Apply to clean facial skin day and/or night. Avoid the eye area. Allow to set befare applying makeup.

Format: 50ml