Protector solar invisible FPS50 200ml Gisele Denis


This light, non-greasy, fast drying sunscreen spray provides complete coverage from harmfull UV rays. It is specially formulated for atopic and children´s delicate skin. Unscented.

Dermatologically and pediatrically tested.

Directions of Use: Shake well. Press down on the nozzle and spray onto areas of the body that will be exposed to the sun at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure. Reapply often during prolonged sun exposure, and after towel drying, swimming or excecise.

Warning: Limit time in the sun, even when using sun protection. Prolonged sun exposure represents a serious health risk. Avoid sun exposure from 12h to 16h and wear protective clothing such as a long sleeved shirt, hat and sunglasses. Keep babies and small children away from direct sun exposure.

Available SPF: 20, 30 y 50

Format: 200ml