crema antiedad Gisele Denis

INTENSE RENEW Restoring Anti-age

The Intense Renew Repairing Anti-Ageing Cream by Giséle Denis has been designed to combat skin ageing, the most visible sign of which is wrinkles. lts composition features two powerful moisturising active ingredients, urea and olive oil derivatives, which help to strengthen the skin barrier, a natural skin protection that weakens with age. These active ingredients preserve the integrity of the skin’s hydrolipidic acid layer, preventing transepidermal water loss. This facial treatment has an important repairing function, thanks to the keratolytic properties of its active ingredients that eliminate dead skin cells, giving ita healthier appearance.

lt contains active ingredients with regenerating properties such as musk rose, aloe vera and organic silicon, which boost collagen formation, providing smoothness to the skin. The treatment offered by Giséle Denis with its Repairing Anti-Ageing Cream stands out for its nourishing capacity and for its rich lipids content, a necessary component for maintaining flawless skin.

Directions for Use: Apply to clean facial skin day and/or night. Avoid the eye area. Allow to set befare applying makeup

Format: 50ml.