Gisele Denis bbcream tono claro

BBCream Fair-Medium Tone

Gisele Denis BB Creams have a delicate and light texture that makes it easy to apply them, blending in with your skin, evening out tone and smoothing out skin imperfections. lt incorporates moisturising and regenerating active ingredients such as Urea and Panthenol, that result in soft, satin and flawless skin.


Urea: lts keratolytic, keratoplastic and smoothing capacity on the horny layer fosters cell regeneration, facilitating moisture retention by the skin’s deep layers and offering intense hydration.
Panthenol: Active ingredient that plays a key role in skin repair. Panthenol is a vitamin that actively participates in skin regeneration. Dueto its low molecular weight, it reaches the deepest layers of the skin, activating cell repair from the inside.

Format: 15ml