Pack Lifting Total Ampoule 14 Days Treatment

The Flash Beauté TOTAL LIFTING ampoule by Gisèle Denis is a revolutionary instant facial tightening treatment. This compound formulation is based on plant extracts and has been developed to quickly and effectively treat visible signs of skin fatigue. Its rich formula with natural extracts, as well as tannic and agaric acids provides a tensing, moisturising and toning effect on the skin, so that it looks vital and fresh.


  • Fights the signs of skin fatigue.
  • Provides a tightening, moisturising and toning effect.


  • Honey extract: Restructures the skin’s micro-relief pattern and fights roughness.
  • Provides immediate and long-lasting moisturising. Yeast extract: Stimulates cellular metabolism and increases oxygen consumption.
  • Complex containing Tannic Acid, Polyphenols, Flavonoids: Improves skin elasticity and tone.
  • Agaric Acid: Immediately tightens the skin and eliminates excessive secretions, keeping the pores clean and healthy, softening, smoothing and moisturising the skin.

Format: 14×1,5ml