Gisèle Denis
Experts in mature skin

Gisèle Denis is a legendary beauty, sun care and personal care brand with over three decades of market presence and product success.

Its French identity lends credibility and glamour to all products, while the claim “Experts in Mature Skin” defines its objective. In order to achieve this, the brand employs a skilled group of technical specialists who are constantly researching the latest market trends and collaborate with premier labs.

Gisèle Denis is sold at premium Spanish department stores and drugstores and its products are well-known and appreciated by consumers. Gisèle Denis` product line covers all skin care needs.

Behind each Gisèle Denis product is a highly experienced team of scientists who develop effective formulations based on the latest cosmetic technology, and tailored to specific needs. The manufacturing process of all products meets our rigorous quality standards, from the procurement of raw materials to the shipment of finished goods.